Welcome to Paul Heat Recovery

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland is the Scottish and Northern Irish distributor for Paul Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV or MVHR). We provide a range of different solutions for residential and commercial developments, for new built as well as renovation projects.

c-houseHighly efficient heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for buildings which are relatively air tight. Air tightness goes hand in hand with good standards of insulation in the drive to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings.

We specialize in Passivhaus, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) and low energy developments. Please contact us if you need advice regarding alternative heating methods for Passivhaus projects.

Paul has become well known for its highly efficient and Passivhaus certified HRV systems, widely used in Passive Houses/Passivhaus and low energy buildings. Developed and made in Germany, its systems stand out with excellent technology, optimal heat recovery rates, low energy consumption and last but not least, very silent operation. The newly developed novus 300DC heat recovery unit is the world leader in efficiency and energy use according to the Passive House certification.

With our consultancy and design service, we are a reliable partner for installers and companies in the construction industry.