PAUL Novus 300/ 450




One of the best performing MVHR units available!
– Capacity: Novus 300: 40-300 m3/h; Novus 450: 60-450 m3/h at 150 Pa
– Novus 300: 93-94% heat recovery (Passivhaus cerified)
– Novus 450: 89% heat recovery (Passivhaus certified)
– electrical efficiency: Novus 300: 0.23 W/(m3h)
– extremely silent operation
– constant volume flow: adjusts fan power to keep the system balanced
– automatic 100% summer bypass
– with optional humidity recovery
– programmable with weekly timer
– G4 (good dust) filter, optional F7 pollen filter
– TFT touchscreen
– optional: integrated defrost pre-heater with energy efficient pulse controlled PTC heating element.

The PAUL MVHR unit novus 300 is used for controlled room ventilation (air flow rate: 80 to 300 m³/h).

Its bigger sister the novus 450 has got the same dimensions, but the air flow rate ranges from 50 to 450 m³/h.

It is equipped with a highly efficient reverse flow duct heat exchanger (European patent). Its broad range of performance allows a use in all residential areas with a living space up to 300 m². The various installation alternatives – vertical or horizontal on mounting base or vertical or horizontal wall mounting – help to save space. A right or left side version of the unit is available for optimizing the routing of air ducts.

An automatic bypass control with motorized 100 %-bypass flap ensures the summer bypass mode.

The housing consists of galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel. The interior lining, made of high quality polypropylene, assures a high degree of heat- and sound insulation.

The system can either be controlled by a LED control unit or a colored TFT touchscreen panel with intuitional menu navigation, which assures an ideal communication with the ventilation unit

TFT touchscreen for Paul MVHR system