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  • freeAir 100

    freeAir 100

    fully demand controlled MVHR

The bluMartin freeAir 100 is the worldwide first decentral MVHR unit with Passivhaus certification.

The unit comes in different configurations:
– ductless MVHR unit for the supply and extract of a single room.
– decentral MVHR with additional supply or/ and extract ducts to connect one or two more rooms.

The system does not operate in an intermittant way, but continuously supplies and extracts air. It can therefore be used for wet rooms and kitchens as well. An additional supply duct and extract duct can be connected to the system to extend the system into two more rooms.

This unit is intelligently sensor controlled according to humidity, CO2 levels and temperature. The readings are taken continuously from the extract air of both extract rooms (ducted version). It then adjusts the extract rate individually for each room to ensure that steam from cooking or a shower is taken away quickly and that CO2 levels are kept at bay.

The MVHR unit is inserted into an external wall. The wall depth can range from 320mm to 580mm or more. If the wall is thinner, an inner frame has to be inserted.

It has got the following advantages:

  • The system is decentral: it needs no or very short duct runs. This keeps the installation costs to a minimum and service costs, too.
  • The ventilation rate is demand driven and slows down, if the air quality is good and humidity levels are normal.
  • Very simple controls as the ventilation is automated.
  • Excellent data output per free downloadable program (temperatures, CO2, humidity log)
  • The electrical usage of the system is very low: 4 to 20W.
  • Automated 100% summer bypass.
  • Frost protection mode.
  • No cold ducting within the thermal envelope; minimum space requirement.
  • Simple start-up of the system, often with no commissioning needed.

Minimum wall thickness: 320mm
Depending on the wall thickness (from finished outside to inside of plasterboard), different types of external combination grilles can be supplied:
– 400 – 530mm wall thickness: normal slim hood
– 350 – 400mm wall thickness: deep hood
– 320 – 400mm wall thickness: extra deep hood

All external grilles can be supplied in either white powder coating or stainless steel.

Please see a screen shot of the freeAir connect software, which can be downloaded and installed for free.