• Filter change

    Filter change

The freeAir 100 MVHR units have got two filters of M5 grade installed: An intake filter and an extract filter, which keep the heat exchanger clean and keep the incoming air filtered.

Following video shows the filterchange – unfortunately it is in German – here are the main points to consider:

  1. Switch off the MVHR unit by pressing the metal pin on the right hand side of the unit.
  2. Keep a cloth handy, in case condensate drips off the unit, when pulling it out.
  3. Pull the freeAir 100 unit out of its shell by holding it on the bottom and the top (not the sides).
  4. Wipe with a cloth the inside of the shell, where the seal of the unit normally sits.
  5. Take out and replace the intake filter by slightly bending the metal clamps to the side (at the back of the unit).
  6. Take out and replace the extract filter on the side of the unit.
  7. Push the MVHR unit back into its shell. Make sure it is fully pushed back.
  8. Switch on the unit again and keep the button on the front pressed until a beep sounds – the unit is now in service mode.
  9. Switch the unit off again and wait until the lights have come off.
  10. Now the unit can be switched on, the filter timer is re-set.

bluMartin – decentral Passivhaus certified MVHR