• Fresh-r Forward

    Fresh-r Forward

    The active transfer fan

In conjunction with the Fresh-r MVHR, the Fresh-r Forward® completes the cascade ventilation concept. The unit is an active tranfer fan (room-to-room ventilator) that is fitted into internal walls to create an airflow through the room without the need of ducting. It operates silently and fully demand operated with an in-built CO2 sensor.

The fan has got an architectural designer grill and is adjustable for various depths of internal walls.

Product specification:

Air flow:12-54 m3/h (3.3-15 l/s)
Flow control:demand operated based on CO2
Specifica fan power:0.126 – 0.074 Wh/m3
Cross talk attenuation:50db
Voltage:12 vdc via 240v mains adapter
Monitoring:Internet connection via Wifi:
CO2, Rh, temperature and air flow