• Fresh-r


    innovative, demand controlled MVHR

We have recently added a new innovative range of MVHR systems: the Vaventis fresh-r® MVHR, which can be used as de-central MVHR or as a central part of a cascade ventilation system.

Unlike other de-central systems, which operate in an oscillating way, the fresh-r operates with continuous supply & extract and can therefore be used for wet rooms and kitchens, as well as all habitable rooms. With a ventilation rate of up to 120 m3/h it is one of the most powerful systems on the market of its kind and can serve the ventilation requirement of 2-4 people.

It is a completely innovative way of counter-flow heat recovery, based on about 6km of copper wire, which transfer the heat from the extract air to the supply air. The fresh-r has proven to be high performing, despite its very slim-line profile of only 170mm depth.

The fresh-r system has been tested for Appendix Q. The values for dwellings with one or two wet rooms + kitchen can be taken straight into SAP.

Product specifications:

CapacityUp to 120 m3/h (33 l/s)
ControlsDemand controlled according to CO2 & Rh, manual override on unit possible
Heat recovery rateAppendix Q: 87%/ 84%; Passivhaus certified to 78%
Specific fan powerAppendix Q: 0.87/ 1.11 W/l/s; Passivhaus: 0.28 Wh/m3
Energy use5.3 Watt at 25 m3/hr and 41.2 Watt at 120 m3/hr
Frost protectionYes, with automatic defrost mode
Noise levelSound 25 dB(A) at 35 m3/hr and 45 dB/A at 120 m3/hr

Exciting features:

  • Minimal energy use and increased efficiencies by being demand controlled.
  • Silent operation in normal operation.
  • In-built Wifi connection for remote monitoring of temperatures, CO2, humidity and fan speeds.
  • Can be used without filters or with pollen filter (cleaning in dish washer possible).
  • Connection of extract duct system possible.
  • No air supply ducting with cascade ventilation setup.
  • The unit is available as either an in-the-wall or as an on-the-wall installation.