• Metal ducting

    Metal ducting

    Robust, efficient, airtight &
    hygienic by design

Coming from the commercial and industrial application, galvanised metal ducting, often also referred to as ‘spiral ducting’, is still a top class domestic ducting system. We often use it for either long stretched buildings, large dwellings or very small applications.

We use the Lindab SAFE range of galvanised metal duct fittings, which are of superior quality and are inherently air tight through the long-life double seals at all connectors.

Those fittings include: bends (30/ 45/ 90 degree), t-pieces, y-pieces, reducers, male and female couplers, silencers (attenuators), air manifolds, dampers and other items.

Lindab duct & fittings are manufactured from Z275 galvanised steel with a C2 corrosion rating, making them suitable for external use with a life expectancy of over 30 years in low pollution environments. On the market today, we are seeing spiral ducting and flange systems manufactured from Z200 or even Z140 which has half the life expectancy of Z275 in ideal conditions.