Semi-rigid ducting has become much more popular for domestic ventilation systems in Europe. It is more cost-effective, easier to install, especially when threaded through joists and it can be easily cleaned. These Polyethylen duct hoses are double skinned with a smooth inner layer. They typically come in 50m rolls.

The ducting and components come in two different diameters:

  • 75mm outer diameter (63mm inner diameter)
  • 90mm outer diameter (74 – 78mm inner diameter)

We prefer the 90mm ducting as it has got more capacity and therefore allows reduced air velocities, which makes the system more efficient and quieter.

Please note that we have noticed a huge different in quality between the different manufacturers.
Some ducts are fairly corrugated on the inside, some crease up when bend and some can be too rigid and break.
We have therefore decided to use only the best available ducting with anti-bacterial lining.

Associated components are:

  • Plenums for connecting room outlets/ valves. These come with single, double or triple connections for joining multiple ducts into one plenum.
  • Manifolds for connecting the larger sized supply and extract ducts from the MVHR to the peripheral semi-rigid ducts.
  • Machine noise attenuators/ silencers.
  • 90 degree bends for the semi-rigid ducts if sharper radii need to be achieved.
  • Couplers to join semi-rigid ducts.