Please have a look below at our range of most common valves for inside and grilles for outside. Rather than the standard plastic valves, we only offer high quality material with best performance. Other products are available on request.

V125F - Extract point with filter

This filter element is set into the ceiling to give a flush appearance. The filter material in G3/ EU3 material can be exchanged.

V125 AIRY for supply & extract

The Lindab AIRY is the newest addition to our range. It is a slim, versatile room valve for air extract and supply with lowest sound levels on the market.

Simply white, a happy splash of colour, wallpaper pattern or shiny stainless steel? Whatever look you choose, you will get a perfectly harmonized indoor climate with style. AIRY is available in 5 shapes: round, square, bow, ellipse and rectangular.

Although the brochure states that it can be used for wall and ceiling mounting, the use as a wall supply valve is advisable only for certain applications.

VF - Extract point with filter

For kitchen and rooms with dust contamination we offer a range of filter elements, that protect the duct work from grease and dust deposits.

The filter material in G3/ EU3 quality can be exchanged.

VFS - S/S extract point with filter

This attractive filter element in stainless steel has got a G3/ EU3 filter, which can be exchanged.

V100 KSU / V125 KSU - Extract valve

Our standard extract room valve is an high quality valve, made out of powder coated metal (white).

It is adjustable and can be locked in position.

V125 SHH - Wall supply valve

As an alternative to the V100 VTK valve, we can offer the V100 SHH and V125 SHH wall supply valve, however with a less throw than the VTK. It is a powder coated metal valve with a 100mm or 125mm spigot.

V125 SS

V100 VTK / V125 VTK

In several cases it is advantageous to use wall valves in order to minimise duct runs or when ceiling valves are not an option. The V100 VTK valve is a well engineered jet diffuser with a throw of up to 5m. It is very quiet and is adjustable.

V100 WF








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