• Unity CV3

    Unity CV3

    the next generation of extract ventilation

Unity CV3 is the next generation dMEV system, with SMART Technology and contactless technology for simple set up and real time data logging from installed environment. Worldwide this is the first system of its kind.

Installed performance:
For confidence of performance and easy compliance, Unity CV3 has integrated airflow sensing that ensures performance from the point of installation and throughout its life.

Less nuisance noise:
Nuisance noise is eliminated with running levels as low as 14.5dB (min) and SMART sensors that ensure the fan only boosts when required. The CV3 also now includes a Do Not Disturb feature.

Less energy:
Unity CV3 costs less than £1 to run for the entire year – up to 50%* less than other comparable products in the market. It also offers an outstanding SFP Performance and reward in SAP.

Set-up, control and customise Unity CV3 during and post installation with a simple tap of your smartphone.
For social landlords – understand how the fan is performing and conditions of the installed environment e.g. data logging including time on boost, time on trickle and current/average humidity and temperature levels.

What is SMART Technology?

SMART Timer:
In contrast to traditional timers that use a generic preset period for overrun time, TimerSMART uses duration of occupancy time to determine the overrun period.
A traditional timer works on a preset overrun period each time the light or remote switch activates the fan into boost mode, e.g. 20 minutes. TimerSMART will overrun the fan based on occupancy duration, only ventilating as much as is needed, e.g. the less time you activate the fan via the light switch or pull cord, the less time it will overrun.
The association between duration of overrun timer and occupancy ensures a SMARTer control of ventilation. In turn this helps to reduce unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss and most importantly eliminates nuisance night time running!

SMART Humidity Sensor: 
In contrast to traditional humidity sensors that activate because a preset threshold is crossed, Greenwood HumidiSMART only reacts to man-made increases.
This is because it cleverly monitors the installed environment and knows what the ‘normal ambient’ humidity levels are on each individual day throughout the year.
As a result of its specific set-up and activation, Greenwood HumidiSMART helps to reduce nuisance running at night, unnecessary heat loss and energy usage. This is because the fan isn’t running in response to increases in background humidity which naturally occur throughout the day and with the changing seasons.
This is a SMARTer use of humidity sensing because during the year, the average humidity level will be different.
A generic setting at 65% could mean the fan will be boosting for a long period of time because it is a particularly humid day or time of year.
Based on a specific scenario you could make savings from 35% in running costs and therefore contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.