• Being competent

    Being competent

    to install MVHR systems to high standards

More and more builders, plumbers and electricians have had contact with ducted ventilation systems (MVHR) for dwellings. Naturally the thought occurs to install these themselves, rather then outsource it to a specialist.

Although it is not rocket science, we have come across a lot of pitfalls and mistakes that can be made with this relatively new type of M&E service. At the end no-one wants to face a disappointed client because of a noisy or in-effective system.

Like in any other trade it is important to get the right training, not just on how to install it correct, but also how to get the material choice and design issues right.

 we do offer free in-house training or training on-site (for a small fee).

Please contact us for the preferred choice of training if you want to start installing MVHR systems. Unfortunately we do not supply systems to professionals unless the individual installer has been sufficiently trained.

We also offer a full design, installation & commissioning service. Plumbing and electrical work, as well forming the penetrations through the thermal envelope or installation of roof cowls are usually excluded.

If you want to install the ductwork and MVHR unit yourself, we would design the system, and commission it at the end. Within Central Scotland we can come out for a free site visit, preferably at the design stage.

 we refund all returned ducting material for the full paid price if returned in clean condition.