• Best practice solutions

    Best practice solutions

    is what I want to offer to my clients.

We here at PAUL like to work together with architects.

It helps if the designer has got the mechanical services and ventilation services in mind, when designing houses. However, you don’t need to be a ventilation expert to get it right: we are pleased to share our experience in the industry and discuss with you the options within the legal framework of Scottish Building Regulations and their suitability & advantages for your project.

 we do offer free CPD accredited training in house or in your own office (within Central Scotland). 

Especially when out-of-the-box solutions are desired, we can offer our free consultancy services. Please do contact us as in the early design stages to discuss your aspirations with us:

  • Whether it is whole house ventilation (MVHR),
  • Cascade ventilation (MVHR) with minimal ducting,
  • Ventilation and space heating or heat distribution,
  • Passivhaus ventilation and dwellings without central heating,
  • Wood burning stoves,
  • Large dwellings,
  • Complicated structures,
  • Part-underground dwellings,
  • Humidity issues,
  • Air contamination,
  • Commercial buildings or
  • dMEV


We are there for you with our advice and bespoke design service.

Our approach is different from other companies as we base our specification on detailed best practice guidelines, derived from the Passivhaus methodology. Verified and refined to give best results and lasting performance, it can be applied for all types of dwellings, whether passive or not.

Please do contact us for more information.