• How to make the right choices

    How to make the right choices

    about your ventilation strategy and specification

We are being often contacted by house owners and self-builders about the best ventilation strategy or material specification. Others have done some research and formed a detailed specification and want to verify it from a professional point of view.

And then we have more and more requests from house owners to have a look at their third party MVHR systems, that don’t seem to work as desired.

Whatever the request, we are there for you with sound advice from 10 years of experience and a lot of knowledge backup from Europe’s foremost ventilation experts.


We do offer a full design, supply and installation package, but also a design, supply and commissioning service for those who want to install the system themselves. To be honest, we find that most self-builders, who are good with their hands, often do a brilliant job, as they ask questions and take time to get it right.

 that we offer a free site visit for all self-builders in Central Scotland.

After all is done, we don’t just walk away. If there is any question or issue with your system, we are committed to our customers. We do our utmost to get it right until you are happy. With our 5 year warranty on most products, we offer the piece of mind.

 that we also offer an exchange service for customers in Central Scotland with third party MVHR systems, which have failed or are not working properly. 

Please contact us for a free quotation.