• Whole House MVHR

    Whole House MVHR

    Specification, Design & Installation

We assess each project individually for the best specification at lowest costs:

  • We calculate the ventilation requirement according to the most detailed and demand oriented method: The PH design guidelines.
  • We propose the most suitable ventilation strategy: e.g. whole house or cascade MVHR, mixed approach.
  • We also take particular customer requirements for the control strategy into account.
  • We find the ideal system, with its maximum duty way above the normal ventilation rate to keep the system running at about 60%.
  • The best suitable ducting system depends much on the layout of the building. Again we propose a no-compromise approach and use only high quality anti-bacterial semi-rigid ducting or galvanised metal ducting with double seals.
  • It is important to identify service zones for duct runs and the location of the MVHR unit right from the outset.
  • We then provide a cost for you, either for supply and commissioning or for the full installation package.
  • For companies that can professionally design and commission systems, we also provide the option to just purchase products.

 that the architectural design can make a difference how easy & cost-efficient it is to install a MVHR system?

Please see following 10 points to see how a typical MVHR specification and installation process looks like:

  • paul heat recovery scotlandAt the start of every project is the request for quotation. Please send your plans, location address, your contact details and all specifics of your project.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandWe will then look at the ventilation requirement, the most suitable MVHR system (whole house or cascade MVHR), the ideal ducting system and provide a cost for you.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandIf you want to take the design forward, we would ask you for the design fee and to provide technical drawings, e.g. joist layout. We have about 2-3 weeks lead time for the design.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandWe then provide 3d drawings showing the position of all components. We can amend the drawings up to 3 times according to your feedback. For customers in Central Scotland we can also arrange for a free site visit.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandOnce you have decided if you want us to install or do it yourself, we would then ask you to sign our purchase agreement and make a deposit payment, which is often the price of ductwork.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandThe first fix should take place before the 1st fix plumbing and electrical works are being carried out. Please give us 4 weeks notice.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandThe coring of the holes through the external wall need special attention, but will need to be carried out by yourself or your contractor as you know the internal wall make-up. We can support you if needed.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandThe 2nd fix is usually due when the plasterboard is up: it includes the installation and connection of the MVHR unit and all internal and external terminals.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandAt the end we test and adjust the system and all internal terminals to reflect the design ventilation rates. We also like to give the end-customer a short introduction into the system.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandEnjoy the best indoor climate ever. If there is any question, please contact us. We are happy to help.