One very important advantage of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System is the outstanding indoor air climate. If the system has been designed and installed correctly there are no stuffy areas, no dusty feeling and no smells lingering around.

The usual CO2 peaks, which are associated with uncontrolled ventilation are minimised. Increased CO2 levels indicate the lack of Oxygen, which in turn causes drousiness, headache and falling concentration levels. The constant provision of fresh, Oxygen-rich air is an additional health benefit of an HRV system. In Germany care home providers have valued the health benefit of HRV systems in Passive House environments with about 2,000 Euros per occupant.

Fungus, mould and dust mites, which thrive in humid, warm climates are held in check as the system takes away excessive humidity and actively de-humidifies in the cold season.

Also pollutants that cannot be smelled, such as cancerogenic chemicals, emitted from carpets and furniture or the radioactive Radon gas will be flushed away. With uncontrolled ventilation, concentration levels can partially build up to 100 times above the critical level. However, with HRV systems the monitoring data shows that under normal domestic circumstances, the concentration levels of pollutants are kept well below any critical level.

People with breathing problems find that the pollen filter takes away the allergens out of the incoming air.

This is the testimony of a client who lived for two and a half years in a house with a Paul HRV system: “The HRV system performs above my anticipation, apart from an initial problem with a leaking condensate pipe. It has eased my breathing problems. As a swimmer I am now getting faster and faster, despite not getting younger. When we moved from our old house to the new house with a Paul HRV system, we noticed so much better air quality, it always feels fresh, clean and warm. Initially our aim was only to save money, but actually the benefit of good air is phenomenal, it is really outstanding. If we ever build a new house, we would put an HRV system in, even if it would be out of this reason alone.”

Gary M. from Casterton, 31.05.2012