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    on ventilation

In our passion for our field of expertise, we are very interested in all relevant research on ventilation. There is lots to learn from studies of Universities, performance gap studies and experience from other partners, in order to find out what works, what works better and what does not work. As such we are part of the HEMAC Research Network (Health Effects of Modern Airtight Construction).

Following is a summary of the particular goal of the HEMAC network:
Awareness of the impacts of climate change, rising energy prices, fuel poverty and a demand for energy security have prompted significant changes in design thinking, construction practice and building legislation aimed at reducing energy use and CO2 emissions. A particular example of this is the increasing requirements for air-tightness in housing. Whilst this achieves a primary objective of reducing heat loss through ventilation, other requirements for ventilation have not kept pace and there is emerging evidence of poor indoor air quality and inadequate ventilation. This in turn has been linked to a multitude of public health issues, particularly for conditions such as asthma, allergies and COPD that are all known to be exacerbated by poor air quality.

Our goal is to bring public health and building professionals together to identify shared research questions and develop ways of addressing these issues, with an overall aim of supporting the design of healthy, low energy homes. Despite shared interests between the built environment, environmental health and medical research communities, they are generally not well connected. The programme therefore aims to bridge the gap between these complementary fields, providing a platform for collaboration while facilitating knowledge exchange to the built environment industries, such as housing associations and architects. The programme will involve a trans-disciplinary team comprising of academics and industry professionals from the fields of respiratory health, indoor air quality, ventilation, microbiology, environmental design, architecture and construction.

To go to the HEMAC webpage, please click here: https://hemacnetwork.com/