• Thermal efficiency of buildings

    Thermal efficiency of buildings

Having lived in a drafty stone cottage, it made a huge difference that we moved into a modern, warmer building. Many can share such experience. Besides the comfort factor, it is a sad fact, that many people in Scotland and the UK find it financially difficult to heat their homes. Energy Action Scotland states: “Around 900,000 households in Scotland – more than 1 in 3 – are estimated by EAS to be in fuel poverty now. This means they are unable to afford adequate warmth in the home. In turn, it is estimated that there are some 7 million fuel poor households in the UK.” (see: http://www.eas.org.uk/key_issues_fuel_poverty.php)

Looking at the trend in housing in various countries, it can be said that paying attention to energy efficiency, is future-proofing your investment. It makes the operational costs less dependent on varying and rising energy costs.

Let see what makes homes more energy efficient and how far you can go.