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Paul Heat Recovery Scotland is the Scottish distributor for Paul Wärmerückgewinnung, a German based company. The company was founded in 1994 by Eberhard Paul and counts among the pioneers and technology leaders in the ventilation industry. It is one of the most respected brands for Passivhaus certified MVHR systems.

Following is some information on the history of the company:

Who is Paul?

Since 1990 Dipl.Ing. Eberhard Paul developed the innovative counterflow heat exchanger and established the German company ‘Paul Wärmerückgewinnung’ (Paul Heat Recovery) in 1994.

Innovation & attention to detail

This took MVHR to a new level, as relatively in-efficient systems with plate heat exchangers had been on the go for about 10 years.

The way to the top

In 1997 the thermos 200/ 300 MVHR was introduced. It had a sensational certified heat recovery rate of 92%.

It was the first MVHR system with Passivhaus certification in 2002.

Well insulated without thermal bridges, continuously efficient in winter, it followed the fabric first approach. On top of it, was it very quiet.

At that time Paul technology was almost a must for new built Passivhaus dwellings, certainly for those with space heating via air.

The way forward

In 2004 Zehnder invested in PAUL to grow the company.

A range of different MVHR systems is being developed, from small de-central systems to commercial units.

The way East-ward

To cover the increasing demand, PAUL builds a new 4.000 m² production facility in Reinsdorf/ East Germany in 2009.

True to their dedication for high efficiency, the new administration building is build as a certified Passivhaus.

The new range

In 2010 a complete new range of PH certified MVHR units is released. It incorporates a nice TFT touch screen controller.

The new heat exchanger

PAUL also developed a non-degradable highly efficient enthalpy heat exchanger, which recovers heat and moisture.

Thus it prevents the over-dehumidification effect that sometimes occurs in larger properties in cold climates.

The novus 300 was the first Passivhaus certified MVHR unit with an enthalpy heat exchanger.

The winnner

The climos 200F was awarded the Plus X Award as product of the year 2014 and the German design award in 2016.


In 2015/16 Zehnder decided to take a more integrated approach with their MVHR ranges and took over the sales of PAUL MVHR systems.

PAUL built on their strengths, expanded with a new company
‘Paul dPoint Technologies’ in 2017, which produces over 300 types of heat exchangers for various MVHR manufacturers.