• The almost ductless MVHR is here!

Published on 27/08/2017

We now offer an addition to our high quality range of MVHR systems with highly efficient de-central units: the BluMartin freeAir 100. These are the worldwide first decentral MVHR units with Passivhaus certification.

In conjunction with active transfer fans these units can form a cascade ventilation system, covering the whole dwelling. Unlike other de-central systems, these units have a higher capacity and can be connected with extract ducts to the kitchen and other wet rooms. For medium sized dwellings two or three units can be used.

These units are intelligently sensor controlled according to humidity, CO2 levels and temperature. It stands out from other decentral systems due to its high capacity, astonishingly silent operation and fully automation.

Monitoring software is included in the package free of charge.

For more information please go to Cascade MVHR