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  • Better Air

    Better Air

    with natural Pro-Biotic air purification

Whilst many so called air fresheners release scented chemicals that mask the bad air quality, but really only add to the potentially harmful chemical load of the indoor climate, pro-biotic air purifiers work on a complete different basis.

They also don’t just filter the air, but actively combat smells, pathogens and harmful bacteria indoors, and that in a completely natural way.

When air quality is a problem due to musty or stale smells, smoke, allergens and other organic pollution our pro-biotic air purifiers can help. What they cannot do is introduce fresh air, necessary for human and animal respiration. It is therefore a very suitable addition for a ventilation system, which brings in fresh air.

But also if it is not possible to install a suitable ventilation system, e.g. in rented accommodation, our air fresheners can help improve the indoor climate substantially.