• Hills Peak

    Hills Peak

    Passivhaus in Inverness

Hill’s Peak is a private residence in Inverness which was built by Hanse Haus in 2013 as an off-site manufactured Passive House. The Paul novus 300 HRV system is an integral part of their dwelling.

Jean and Tony commented on their built:

“When the Passivhaus Trust were doing the three months of complex calculations to work out whether our proposed bungalow could be made to reach their standards and become the first in the world off-site factory built bungalow, to be erected in a site 100m up, in Inverness (further North than Moscow) facing North, they insisted it must have a Paul Novus 300 as it was the most efficient being able to recover 94.4% of the heat and add it to fresh, purified air quietly pumped into the bedrooms and front room.

Now it is built we are living our dream, with a simple control panel that allows us, when we have showers, or do the laundrey to turn it to “boost”, which quickly removes the extra steam, before automatically, after 15 minutes, reverting to the previous speed. If we have visitors we can press a button and gently it will turn slightly up, if we are going to be out or on holiday another button turns it to a programme that turns it on for short periods to remove any dampness but save energy. We find it simple, fool proof and giving us such a wonderful environment to enjoy.”