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The School of Architecture of Dundee University has launched an exciting new project under the heading Macro Micro Studio, which is being built in Dundee Botanic Gardens.

The studio will design and build a full scale, fully-working demonstrator prototype live/work unit to showcase new concepts in architectural space and ultra low-energy technologies and construction practices suitable for use in low energy housing considering in particular the Scottish research context.

It will define the existing barriers to developing very low energy housing in a Scottish context and address these by creatively developing a new integrated solution that could form the basis for further research and development work.

The studio, which will be used as a design studio by up to 12 people, is being built to almost Passive House standards in terms of its high insulation and air tightness and is designed to be energy autonomous. The building will be ventilated and heated by a Paul Heat Recovery Ventilation system (Passivhaus certified) with electric post heater. Its electric energy is drawn from PV panels and two wind turbines.

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland is involved in this project and will donate the HRV system and will pass on expert knowledge to the design team in terms of specification, design and installation of HRV systems for untra-low energy buildings.

For more information, please visit the studio website: http://macromicro.co.uk