• climos 200F

    climos 200F

The Paul climos F 200 MVHR unit is a newly designed Passive House certified MVHR unit. The unit comes with an enthalpy heat exchanger, which eliminates the need for a condensate connection. The unit can therefore be installed horizontally in suspended ceilings or vertically in almost any configuration.

Technical data:

  • 111% Heat recovery (Passivhaus certified: 84%)
  • electrical efficiency: 0.40 W/(m3h)
  • silent operation
  • constant volume flow: adjusts fan power to keep the system balanced
  • automatic summer bypass simulation: supply only mode
  • programmable with weekly timer
  • G4 filter, optional F7
  • TFT touchscreen or LED controller
  • with integrated defrost pre-heater with energy efficient pulse controlled PTC heating element.

It comes with an integrated defrost pre-heater as an option.