• focus 200

    focus 200

The PAUL MVHR unit focus 200 is used for controlled room ventilation (air flow rate: 60 to 200 m³/h).

It is equipped with a highly efficient reverse flow duct heat exchanger (European patent). Its compact design – a right or left side version of the unit is available – offers an easy installation and an optimal routing of air ducts. The MVHR unit can be used for ventilation in all living areas up to 150 m².

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 45-200 m3/h at 150Pa
  • 93-95% Heat recovery (Passivhaus certified: 91%)
  • electrical efficiency: 0.31 W/(m3h)
  • silent operation
  • constant volume flow: adjusts fan power to keep the system balanced
  • automatic summer bypass simulation: supply only mode
  • programmable with weekly timer
  • G4 filter, optional F7
  • TFT touchscreen or LED controller
  • with defrost pre-heater box with energy efficient pulse controlled PTC heating element.

The housing consists of galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel. The interior lining, made of high quality polypropylene, assures a high degree of heat- and sound insulation. The system can either be controlled by a LED control unit or a colored TFT touchscreen panel with intuitional menu navigation, which assures an ideal communication with the ventilation unit.

The MVHR unit meets the high demands of energy efficiency and comfortable installation both because of the patented PAUL heat exchanger, the constant flow fans and the intuitional colored TFT touchscreen panel.

It is recommended to use the ISO defrost pre-heater 125 as additional frost protection.