• ComfoConnect


    LAN C smart device controller
    for the ComfoAir Q system

The Zehnder ComfoConnect LAN C enables the connection between the ventilation system and the ComfoControl app for iphone and android devices

Key Benefits:

  • Control and monitor the ventilation system via the ComfoControl app
  • Control ventilation flow rate, temperature profile, temporary high speed setting and external sensor set points
  • Monitor ventilation flow rates, temperatures and external sensors
  • 7 day flow rate programmer
  • Access the ventilation system remotely from anywhere in the world (secure login)
  • Service and Maintenance alert direct to your phone
  • User menu access
  • Installer menu access

Please see below for the way to set up the LAN C:

  1. Connect LAN C controller with RJ45 / Ethernet cable to router,
  2. Wire LAN C controller to Zehnder ComfoAir Q with CAT 5 cable or better (4 volt-free connections).
  3. Connect smart phone or tablet to same router, that the LAN C is connected to.
  4. Download the ‘Zehnder ComfoControl’ app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store (free of charge).
  5. Open app on smart phone/ tablet, select user.
  6. Follow set-up wizard in the app, which will guide you step by step through the connection process.
  7. Confirm settings and start using the app.
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  • paul heat recovery scotlandApp for smart phone or tablet