• 5-Year Warranty

    5-Year Warranty

    for your piece of mind

We believe in happy customers. That’s why we don’t stop caring for each project once it is sold or commissioned. With every project, that we install, we offer a free on-site handover and introduction into the system.

We are there for you to do our best to answer your questions and resolve issues.

With the full 5-year warranty we now offer for all new customers, you can have the piece of mind, that we don’t just sell and run. You don’t need to do anything to activate the warranty. Once the system has been supplied by us it is in place (subject to payment in full).

3 points to remember how to operate your MVHR system:

Generally: The system works for you, to keep your indoor air fresh & healthy and to cut down your heating bills.

1.Ventilation levels: We have pre-set your ventilation levels as below:

1 Reduced When no or 1 person is at home
2 Normal When 2 or more people are at home
3 Increased When needed
Boost Automated with Zehnder units; otherwise via boost switches
0 Absent During longer times of absense

2. Summer operation:  The summer bypass function provides fresh air and extraction in the warm season without heat recovery. As it is natural cooling without energy use, it is limited in its effect and not as powerful as air conditioning. The bypass opens and closes according to extract air temperature levels. These levels can be changed according to your personal requirements.

If you feel the need for additional cooling, please do cross-ventilate by window opening. This will not cause problems for the operation of the system.

3. Filter cleaning and changes: Please note that filters of MVHR systems need to be checked and changed regularly. Depending on the pollution levels, filters usually last between 3-12 months. They need to be cleaned or exchanged for new ones when they are visibly stained.