• Commissioning service

    Commissioning service

Whole house MVHR systems need to be commissioned, in order to operate on effectively and to ensure that the various rooms are ventilated correctly. An unbalanced system can substantially reduce the heat recovery rate.

With the commissioning the overall ventilation level of the MVHR unit is set to reflect the designed values for the nominal ventilation level. Also the system is balanced, which means the extract flow rate is adjusted to be the same as the supply flow rate). Thereby no overall positive or negative pressure is building up in the dwelling.

In a second step, the various room valves (outlets and inlets) are adjusted, so that the rooms have enough fresh air being supplied or stale air extracted.

The commissioning requires specialist equipment, such as a vane anemometer. We use a hot wire anemometer for accurate measurements.

Decentral MVHR systems often do not need such detailed commissioning.

Please contact us if you need a system commissioned.