• CDPs & Consultancy

    CDPs & Consultancy

    is ventilation the missing piece in your puzzle?

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland offers a professional consultancy service for planned and existing projects, specialising on ventilation for low energy, NZEB and Passivhaus buildings. We also offer training for installers and product training for retailers. We can offer CPD accredited training for architects, engineers and other building professionals.

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Following topics in regards to domestic ventilation will be covered:

  1. Air Quality: What do we breathe in?
  2. Air Tightness & Natural Ventilation
    Standards for air tightness and what effect it has on the IAQ
    Humidity control
    Is natural ventilation still viable?
  3. Ventilation Strategies: PIV, MEV, dMEV, MVHR
    Advantages and disadvantages of each system type
  4. Performance gaps and how to avoid them
    Avoiding problems with the installation
    Different ducting components and how to avoid poor quality
    The correct specification of high performance MVHR systems
    Controllability & maintenance
    Design of ducting systems
  5. Legal Framework: Challenges & Opportunities
    Ventilation requirements of different standards in comparison
  6. Cascade Ventilation (dMVHR): The Smart Way of Ventilation
  7. Case Studies: When occupants get excited
    Passivhaus and heating with air