• Installation


We offer comprehensive installer training up to Passive House standard of installation and air tightness. For those who want to have their system installed, we offer also a professional installation service throughout Scotland. Please ask us for details.

Following needs to be considered by the installer:

  • Are drawings up to date and show the dimensioning of ducting?
  • Check that the structure allows to take the ducting and that it is structurally safe to drill wholes in joists.etc. if necessary. If not, please give feedback to designer to amend the plans before the installation commences.
  • All ducting is to be kept clean before during and after the installation. After the first fix all openings need to be temporarily closed.
  • Use of correct ducting in the correct dimensions.
  • All joints need to be air tight (use of seals). Special attention needs to be paid if metal ducts are taken apart again; screw holes need to be taped.
  • Secure joints, e.g. rivets, jubilee clips for flexible ducts.
  • Install the least bends possible. Use 45 deg. bends over 90 deg. bends if possible.
  • No ducting is to be squashed.
  • Consider service openings, e.g. at distribution box.
  • Use correct insulation.
  • Install anti-syphon trap at HRV unit.
  • Be aware that transfer openings between supply and extract rooms are kept, e.g. 10-15mm undercut under doors (see individual ventilation work sheet for details).
  • Installation of the correct valves (there are supply wall and ceiling and extract valves)
  • The system needs to be commissioned