• Installer Training

    Installer Training

    to get it right
    the first time

For builders, electricians and plumbers who want to get knowledgeable about installing MVHR systems, we do offer a bespoke training, either on site or in-house. Please contact us if you would like to book a training appointment.

We would recommend this for all who first install our systems, even if they have done other ones beforehand.

Please see below for some of the common mistakes made in the installation process.

  • paul heat recovery scotlandDucting material should be stored in a clean environment, best with end caps on, so the it is kept clean inside.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandDeviations in the layout, e.g. extract valves next to the door can cause short-circuiting of air flow
  • paul heat recovery scotlandPenetrations through the thermal envelope need to carefully sealed and often need to be insulated to avoid interstitial condensation.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandAll joints need to be sealed in a permanent fashion. Avoid PVC ducting, especially rectangular ones as they are difficult to get airtight permanently and cannot be cleaned any more.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandAvoid flexible ducting. If it needs to be installed in short lengths, it needs to be fixed with jubilee clips to avoid air leakage.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandDon't omitt silencers, but use the correctly specified ones for the supply and extract duct connections. Your end-customers will thank you.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandDucting in cold loft spaces is often problematic. Ideally keep all supply & extract ducting fully within the thermal envelope to avoid heat = performance losses.
  • paul heat recovery scotlandAn eye for detail and taking pride in quality workmanship makes the difference.