• Maintenance


    keeping your filters and components clean and serviced

MVHR systems need some attention on a regular basis to get filters checked and changed. Every two years the system is to be checked through by a professional.

Filter changes:

Paul filter are available as pollen filter (F7/F8) or dust filter (G3/G4). We recommend to use F7 pollen filter for the supply and G4 dust filter for the extract. Defroster elements can be protected with a G3 filter. Kitchens should have a dust filter as well. These filters need to be checked every 3-6 months and changed when visibly stained.


It is recommended that MVHR systems are serviced yearly to make sure everything is clean and working as it should be. Depending on how much the user wants to get involved with the cleaning of filters, we can offer a three-tier maintenance service:

Level 1: Yearly: Changing over filters, general inspection. If necessary, the user would need to clean out the filters in between.

Level 2: Every two years: Changing over filters, cleaning of heat exchanger and air valves if necessary, general inspection. The user would keep the filters clean and changed over in between.

Level 3: Every five years: Full service with checking of flow rates. The user would keep the filters clean and changed over in between, as well keep all the air valves cleaned.

We offer a MVHR maintenance service throughout Scotland. Please see below our prices, depending on the location.

Prices for the two-yearly maintenance:
We aim to keep the prices for the maintenance as low as possible, by combining maintenance visits. If you can be flexible on dates, you can benefit from such lower prices. If you would like to have a single appointment, please contact us on info@paulheatrecovery.co.uk for a quote.
Following are the reduced prices (incl. VAT) for flexible visits, which include the filters as per below:

Area Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Filter sets: 1x 2x 2x
Central Scotland, Angus £85.00 £120.00 £250.00
Scottish Borders, Ayrshire, Aberdeenshire, Inverness £100.00 £135.00 £265.00
All other IV postcodes, Isle of Skye £120.00 £155.00 £285.00
Isle of Mull, Arran £130.00 £165.00 £295.00
Outer Hebrides / £195.00 £325.00

Please see below for the maintenance check points for the: maintenance checklist