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In an emerging trade, such as domestic ventilation, questions do arise and need answered. We do have simple installation guides to help make all work flow efficiently and avoid surprises. It is advisable to make all trades aware of the duct layout design before the work commences on site.

Following interlinks typically with other trades:

A) Joiner/ Builder: The penetrations through the external walls (or roof) need to be formed. Typically we need 165-170 mm or 205-210 mm holes.

B) Plumber: Most MVHR systems have a 32mm condensate connection, that needs to be connected to the waste water system.

C) Electrician: A single or double 240V/ 13A socket is needed at the MVHR unit. Depending on the controls, also a CAT 5 or CAT 6 connection is needed to the controller or router.

We find it beneficial for the co-ordination of the services installation to start with the largest diameter of pipework (drainage and ventilation) before the smaller services are getting installed (water, heating and electrical).

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