• Replacement MVHR

    Replacement MVHR

    More quiet & efficient,
    cheaper to run &

Whilst we endeavour to supply only high quality products with long system life-times, a number of other MVHR systems are coming to the end of their life now and either need to be repaired or replaced.

We had a number of customers with cheaper systems asking us of we could replace their defect, noisy or in-efficient MVHR with a better unit. In most cases it is possible to connect a new unit into the existing ductwork without causing disruption to the interior or exterior of the dwelling. We do need to do an on-site survey to check the type and state of the ductwork, condensate connection, air terminals and accessibility to decide on the best way forward.

If needed we can also replace the room terminals for more aesthetically pleasing and functional terminals, such as Lindab’s designer valve Airy.

Please contact us to arrange a site visit to see if we can help you with our MVHR replacement service in Scotland.