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Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland provides energy efficient ventilation solutions for sustainable homes in Scotland. We are distributor for Paul, Zehnder and BluMartin. These high performance Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (MVHR) serve the different requirements of residential new built as well as renovation projects.

Highly efficient heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for buildings which are relatively air tight. Air tightness goes hand in hand with good standards of insulation in the drive to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings.

We specialize in Passivhaus, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) and low energy developments. Please contact us if you need advice regarding alternative heating methods for Passivhaus projects.

Paul has become well known for its highly efficient and Passivhaus certified HRV systems, widely used in Passive Houses/Passivhaus and low energy buildings. Developed and made in Germany, its systems stand out with excellent technology, optimal heat recovery rates, low energy consumption and last but not least, very silent operation. We provide the world leading products in efficiency and energy use according to the Passive House certification.

With our consultancy and design service, we are a reliable partner for installers and companies in the construction industry.

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For many house builders and even professionals domestic ventilation is a fairly new topic. With various approaches and a large amount of products available, it can be difficult to choose the right system.

As supplier of different technologies, we would like to provide easy understandable information and personal feedback from experience to make the choice easier. We have collected specific information for the following applications and clients:



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Optimal indoor air quality

Optimal indoor air quality

One very important advantage of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System is the outstanding indoor air climate. If the system has been designed and installed correctly there are no stuffy areas, no dusty feeling and no smells lingering around.



Utilisation of passive design criteria is becoming increasingly more common as peoples awareness and understanding of it’s advantages rise. Whether it’s a certified Passive House (Passivhaus), a Passive Home without certification or a low energy building.

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Benefits of MVHR systems

Benefits of MVHR systems

Approximately 30% of the heating energy can be saved in air tight buildings with highly efficient MVHR systems compared to naturally (uncontrolled) ventilated buildings.

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