• Whole House MVHR

    Whole House MVHR

We work with a number of high quality MVHR systems, mainly with PAUL and Zehnder. Almost all system we use are accredited with Passivhaus certification, which is a seal of quality and good system configuration, not just for Passive Houses, but for all types of projects.

The aim is to provide a system, which is:
A) silent or almost silent,
B) is energy efficient,
C) does not blow cold air into the dwelling in winter, but retains its efficiency throughout the seasons,
D) is hygienic and cleanable.


To compare the specification of these units, please see following table:

SpecificationPAUL focus 200PAUL climos 200FPAUL novus 300/ 450Zehnder CAQ 350/ 450/ 600
Maximum flow rate (in boost)200 m3/h = 56 l/s200 m3/h = 56 l/s300 m3/h = 83 l/s
450 m3/h = 125 l/s
350 m3/h = 97 l/s
450 m3/h = 125 l/s
600 m3/h = 167 l/s
Heat recovery rate: PH | AppQ
(*with enthalpy heat exchanger)
N300: 93% (84%*)
N450: 89%
El. power use:
PH / AppQ
0.31 Wh/m3
0.76 – 1.15 W/l/s
0.31 Wh/m3
0.24 Wh/m3
0.61-0.88 W/l/s
0.24 Wh/m3
0.53 – 1.03 W/l/s
Volume flow constantyesyesyesyes (stepped)
Summer bypassauto supply modeauto supply mode100% bypassmodulated 100% bypass
Frost protectionpre-heater box (pulse controlled)integrated pre-heater
(pulse controlled)
integrated pre-heater
(pulse controlled)
integrated pre-heater
(pulse controlled)
Boost activationboost switches, weekly timerboost switches,
weekly timer
boost switches, weekly timerautomatic
Silent operation*****************
Heat exchangerhigh performanceenthalpyhigh performance or enthalpyhigh performance or enthalpy
FiltersG4/ F7M5/ F7G4/ F7G4/ F7
ControllerTFT touch screenTFT touch screenTFT touch screenintegrated, optional extra LED pad
Installationvertical (wall or floor)horizontal or vertical (ceiling or wall)vertical or horizontal (wall or floor)vertical (wall or floor)


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