• Fire damper

    Fire damper

    specifying the correct fire protection measures

We do offer a range of fire protection measures to suit different applications.

In dwellings, fire dampers need to be installed when ducting passes from a garage to the living spaces. Also multi-storey dwellings are split into various fire compartments which make it necessary to have protective measures in places where services pass through compartment walls. Building Control may ask for specific requirements, e.g. fire protection of room valves within ceilings.

Such measures are basically distinguished between:
A) Fire dampers, which are heat activated mechanical dampers, in-tumescent collars or inserts.
B) Fire & smoke dampers, which are motorised dampers, that are activated by the fire/ smoke alarm system.

All fire protective measures need to be installed ‘as tested’, meaning as per specific test environment, because the performance of a fire damper can vary from vertical to horizontal installations or if it is installed in a timber ceiling with plaster board vs. a solid concrete ceiling. A wrong installation environment may render the fire protection measure useless.

We have been working with leading manufacturers to get as tested products specifically for the Scottish construction methods, as we found that the market did not offer any suitable products for e.g. room valves in plasterboard ceilings. Thank you, Stuart for your persistence.

Here are the different types of fire protection measures that we can offer.