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Dear customer please find below some information on how to maintain your Zehnder MVHR system.

Ordering new filters:

Type Recommend filter Alternative filter
MVHR intake F7  (400502022)  G4  (400502021)
MVHR extract G4 (400502021)
Kitchen extract G3 mat

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We recommend to always use the pollen filter set (F7). The F7 pollen filter has a finer grade of filtration which prevents small dust particles from entering your MVHR systems and interiors. We have now better F7 filter material available which has lesser resistance than previous filters therefore now recommended for the intake filter for all systems. The standard G4 dust filter should still be used as extract filter.

When to clean or change a filter:

MVHR filters should be maintained regularly, every 3 to 6 months, in order to maintain the air flows and keep the energy use to a minimum. As the Zehnder ComfoAir Q system is volume flow constant, soiled filters, pressure changes and other factors will neither cause an imbalance nor reduced ventilation, which is an integral part of a high quality system. Clogged up filters will therefore result in an increased energy use as the MVHR has to work against the resistance of the filters, in order to keep the air flow at the same level. If the filter medium is fully covered in dust, it is high time to clean or change the filters. Another indication that the filters need to be checked is an increase in fan noise.

In most cases filters can be cleaned out with a vacuum cleaner (with brush attachment). If the filter cannot be cleaned e.g. when covered in grease or soot, it needs to be replaced. All filters should be completely changed over at least once a year.

How to change the filter:

MVHR filter:
1. Open the dark maintenance cover and take out the filter covers of the ComfoAir Q unit.
2. Access the menu and go to filter changes.
3. Take out the filters by pulling on the little triangular corners (please be careful not to touch or inhale the dust) and place the soiled filters in a bin liner, seal and discard
4. Insert clean filter with the arrow mark on the filter pointing upwards.
The pollen filter should be inserted on the intake side of the MVHR which is in most cases the side with the insulated ducts which leads to the outside.
5. Replace all covers and switch MVHR back to normal operation.

Kitchen extract filter:
7. Please see below demonstration video


General maintenance information:

System should be cleaned out every 2-3 years. Please refer to the manual for how to take out the heat exchanger. It should be rinsed out with washing up liquid and hot water, ideally in a bath tub or shower area. Please be careful when taking out the heat exchanger as it can contain large amounts of water especially during winter. Please don’t insert tools or similar into the tube of the heat exchanger or forcefully brush it as can lead to damage. After cleaning the heat exchanger, it should be inserted in the same way with the black tray underneath the label visible.