• Design service

    Design service

    based on the 3D design tool Revit
  • Full refund

    Full refund

    of the design fee for all
    customers in Scotland

Paul Heat Recovery Scotland offers a design service for its retailers and installers. We design to the best practice Passivhaus design guidelines.

Important design features:
– Positioning of the MVHR unit – aim: minimal cold duct runs within the thermal envelope, good position of risers, distribution boxes.
– Specification of cold duct insulation to avoid condensation and minimise heat losses.
– Duct layout – aim: minimising the length of the ducting system and its complexity; avoiding warm ducts outwith the thermal envelope.
– Specification of external grilles.
– Specification of ducting system – aim: air velocity of peripheral ducting should be below 2.5m/s, better 2m/s.
– Best position of room valves (inlets and outlets) for optimised air circulation and avoiding short-circuits.
– Specification of room valves to avoid noise and spread the air as planned.
– Specification of silencers and cross-talk silencing.
– Additional elements: Fire dampers, volume flow dampers, filter elements, condensation traps and controls.

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