• Smart MVHR

    Smart MVHR

    for holiday
    and bothies

Demand operated cascade heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for holiday accommodation. Such dwellings often suffer from increased levels of humidity, because the moist air at the end of each occupancy cycle can’t escape as the building is locked. The humidity subsequently condenses on the walls and surfaces, as the building cools down and over time this can cause mould and fungus infestation.

This danger will be avoided through constant ventilation and active de-humidification of an MVHR system. With the help of demand controlled operation, there is no necessity for any user interference. The system will adjust automatically to the changing occupancies and usage cycles.

However all air quality values, temperatures and the energy consumption can be remotely monitored through the integrated smart software link.

We recommend the freeAir 100 system for smaller holiday dwellings as it is fully demand controlled and as such will adjust to the changing use automatically.